Post Your Scarlet & Violet In-Game Teams!

It's the launch of a new generation. It's always fun to mull around and share what team you want to use! Will you head into the game dead set on a certain squad? Or will you roll with whatever the game gives you and savor the surprise? Share your thoughts!

Of course, once you've beaten the game, feel free to show off your pals that made it all the way in this thread!

You can use this resource to share your planned team:
Shoutout to the hard work of richi3f for the dope ass team builder

Currently I'm planning on something like...


I've got a few weirdo impulses in my brain for making teams for a new game. 1) Use as many dual types without overlapping as possible. 2) Use as many new Pokemon as possible. 3) Try and avoid using a Water-type, if possible (several generations of being forced to be tethered to surf made me want to shake things up a bit). This is the best mix of chapper lads and power I can think up for now. That said, I do plan on having a rotating cast since the EXP share games makes that really easy and my first playthrough of SWSH with like 9 different Pokemon was majorly enjoyable. I'll go wherever the wind takes me (until I catch a Kilowatrel) and try out whatever I stumble upon.

But that's enough about me. What are you all planning on using? Share it below!
I wanted to use all new Pokemon in the endgame and I wanted to find a bunch of powerful offensive mons that don't overlap too much in typing. I'll also be using other mons in the game so I'm not super overlevelled but a lot of these Pokemon are my favorites (design and battling ability wise) for the first time in quite a few years. I'm excited to see how they fare through out the game (especially Palafin and Baxcalibur).


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Going for diversity, power, and awesomeness.

All the starters are kinda bad but Quaquaval has the best stats and typing. Kilowattrel seems really strong as basically a weaker Zapdos. Scovillian is a great mixed attacker. Armarouge and Glimmora powerful special attackers with diverse coverage. And Great Tusk is awesome on every level.
One for Scarlet, and one for Violet:


I’ve known I was gonna go for Fuecoco since the Starters were revealed. Pawmot is there for its crazy good movepool and new type combo, and Dudunsparce is in because I’m a long-time Dunsparce fan and it feels only right to try out its new evolution. Palafin seems like its gimmick will be fun to play around with, and I just really love the designs of Toedscruel and Glimmora, which also nicely round out the team’s type diversity.

As for Violet:


Quaquaval seems really solid. Brambleghast hits my love of weird, abstract-looking Pokémon. Grafaiai’s just cool and available pretty early, and it’s been a long time since Eelektross was available during a main storyline, so even though I’ve used one before, I feel like giving it another go for old times’ sake (I thought about going for Kilowattrel at first, but unfortunately I find the visual bug where its model constantly vanishes during battles to be too distracting).

Iron Treads is there because I want to use at least one Paradox mon during the main story, but I couldn’t make room for Great Tusk on the Scarlet team. And then there’s Baxcalibur, which I’m not the biggest fan of design-wise, but its typing is really interesting, and I rarely ever use pseudo-legends due to their high evolution levels, but Arctibax seems like it can hold its own for a bit, so I’m curious to see if I can warm up to the design some more by spending time with one.
on my actual copy of the game (Violet), I'm gonna run all 3 starters so this is basically what I expect to bring:

on my..."early copy" of Scarlet, I ended up running with this:
which is not what I expected. I thought I was gonna use Pooper as my poison and and ground, run Pawmi for electric and fighting coverage, and run the Dolphin for water but this is how my team naturally fell into place (big bummed out when I found out the All-Might Dolphin requires multiplayer). I ran Gyara for a while but she got replaced by the ice lizard when I ran into that.


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Rafiel the Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir is gonna be my real starter as I don’t care for any of the default options. Arboliva and Armarouge are my favorite designs of the new generation. Florges and Altaria are two faves I haven’t gotten to play with in a bit thanks to their recent absence in SWSH. The final slot I’m leaving free for whatever strikes my fancy as I play. I could see myself picking up Cetitan maybe, or one of the Paradox ’mons like Scream Tail or Slither Wing.

I’m still somewhat on the fence about actually playing, but if I do end up playing, this is the team I’d be looking towards. Their explanations are as follows:
  • I haven’t chosen the Grass starter since 2013, and I actually don’t hate Sprigatito and its evolutions’ designs. Also, “Sprigatito” sounds like a name of an Italian pasta despite this being the Spain region.
  • Pawmot has a cool new typing I’ve wanted to see for a while now, and it’s also a three stage Pikachu clone for a change (wins tiebreaker over Raichu due to being a new Gen 9 Mon)
  • Garganacl is there for some extra type synergy, and its base form still reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy 2’s Rock Mushroom which I find pretty funny
  • Clodsire fills in my obligatory Poison-Type team slot I want to have in each new game from now on, and it’s also a regional evolution of a Pokémon from my favorite main series region, and on top of all of that it has a great ability (seriously, this thing was practically made for me)
  • Firagiraf brings more type synergy to the team and is also another evolution of a Johto Pokémon (wins tiebreaker over Dudunsparce due to its dual typing over pure Normal)
  • As someone who just started working on my 3D Mario crossover project in 2022, (I won’t waste your time with the details here), when I first heard that Paldea would be the first region to finally have a dolphin Pokémon like many including myself have been waiting for, I near instantly thought of Super Mario Sunshine
Still very hesitant, but here's my terrible idea anyway:

Three hazard setters, two mons with rare DoTs, and a setup sweeper. How a team should be.

Using Brambleghast as my spinblocker over Gholdengoul for a few reasons. Firstly, it has leech seed. Secondly, I really didn't need another ground weakness.

Klefki's in an interesting spot. Prankster plus a full set of utility moves is interesting, but I haven't got around to using it much since I hadn't yet embraced stacking Steel types.

May trade out Spidops for a fire type (to get burns going) if I find I'm not using Sticky Web much. It still probably isn't going to be a starter with Ceruledge and (later) Iron Moth available.

Orthworm and (eventually) Iron Jugulis on standby as emergency Ground answers.
One of my favourite things about team building in a new region is, beyond the obvious yay new Pokémon! thing, older and more obscure Pokémon showing up. Sooo I’m probably going to end up using some old timey faves like Venomoth or Jumpluff.

I’ll probably go for 9 or 10 rotating teammates (made SwSh and BDSP a lot more fun). Otherwise I haven’t planned much!




I’m actually gonna delete Roaring Moon or Flutter Mane in Scarlet and Iron Valiant or Iron Bundle in Violet to replace them with 2/3 starter mons (one for each version) but I don’t know which 1 I should leave out, their all so good competitively :blobthinking:

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I wanted to play with

-only gen9 pokemon
-no repeating types
-at least as many resists/immunities as weaknesses

Turns out this is not only impossible due to my tastes but also incredibly dumb because the Dex was balanced taking old gens into account. So fuck it.


Was going with Dragapult but it's Violet-only, so incidentally closing off with Dachsbun brings me back to a gen9-only team. I have more Poison weaknesses than "resists" but the resist is an immunity so it works. Besides, lol Poison.


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So I like to use all the new cool pokémon or the new forms and i try not to overlap types. the only one that overlaps is great tusk with ground but i don't mind because it's cool. and those would be the preferred terra-types for everyone. also who else thinks the starters this gen suck it's just that i have the other 2 way more and the grass one sucks with its type but no hate if you picked the other two it's your opinion.


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Orange Islands

Looking good for my final team, now grabbed all my members and just need a few more to evolve! I think they are all mid 30s or so. Nacli has been really fun so far, just need to find ability Capsules because I have a sturdy one (which is Adamant) and I want one with the other ability!
Not finalised who will be in each team yet, but I noticed that I’m keeping up with the level curve just going around the west side of Paldea with my team. Rather than have a boring easy clean up of the other half of the continent, I plan on going back to the city with the school and clearing the other half of the map with an entirely different team.
I wanted to use all new Pokemon in the endgame and I wanted to find a bunch of powerful offensive mons that don't overlap too much in typing. I'll also be using other mons in the game so I'm not super overlevelled but a lot of these Pokemon are my favorites (design and battling ability wise) for the first time in quite a few years. I'm excited to see how they fare through out the game (especially Palafin and Baxcalibur).

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This is a really nice team man I would use this to if I picked meowscarada

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